Law students can't afford to waste valuable study time. When they aren't preparing for class or listening to a lecture, many law school students will use the extra time to study for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). Thanks to recent technological advancements, studying has been made simpler; smart-phones allow busy students to access information with just the touch of the finger, making it possible for these soon-to-be lawyers to study virtually anywhere! Law students are able to download useful apps directly onto their smart-phones, allowing them to turn to their mobile device for reference or studying outlines, notes and flashcards.



Here is a list of applications that no law student should be without!



1. ABA Journal – Cost: Free!


Created by the American Bar Association, this application allows students to stay current with regards to the latest news from the major publication, the ABA. In addition to news, this app provides users access to both law articles and some of the most popular legal blogs on the net. With this installed on their mobile device, law students will be able to stay on top of the latest legal news and articles.



2. The American Lawyer – Cost: Free!


The American Lawyer is one the nation's leading legal publications. By downloading this application, users gain access to the articles contained within this popular magazine.



3. BARBRI – Cost: Free!


BARBRI offers law students a great and effective way of studying while on-the-go. This application is perfect for those preparing for their first round of final exams or who are about to undertake the MPRE or the bar exam. It provides users with questions, live lecture footage and class outlines, all of which have previously proven successful. One thing that sets BARBRI apart from other apps is the customer service that their support team offers. If you're looking for a great addition to your study routine, you won't feel guilty should you download this application.



4. Bar ExamEdge – Cost: $4.99 per application.


Bar ExamEdge is not a solitary application, but is instead it is a series of subject specific law apps released by Aspen Publishers. These apps are meant to serve as preparation for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) and each set provides users with a comprehensive selection of questions with which to review. Bar ExamEdge allows individuals A wide variety of educational legal subjects are available for purchase and download, with popular topics such as Criminal Law and Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Property and Torts. Students should have no problem studying alone, as they can quiz themselves using either the Review Mode or the Test Mode.



5. Black’s Law Dictionary – Cost: $54.99.


Why carry a gigantic dictionary in your book-bag when you can now simply put it in your pocket? Black's Law Dictionary has long ruled as the standard when it comes to legal definitions, containing over 45,000 terms. Thankfully, it has been turned into an application, and one that makes finding definitions and answers not only quick but also easy. Having trouble saying a particular word? Prevent yourself from future embarrassment by quickly pulling out your phone and looking up the term's audio pronunciation. In addition to these great features, the app also educates users with a Word of the Day, along with the ability to bookmark definitions for easy reference.



6. The United States Constitution – Cost: $0.99.


Should you ever need to refer to it when you're out in public or on-the-go, you can now have the entire Constitution at the touch of your fingers for less than a dollar. There isn't much that can be said about this application. All students of law should know the US Constitution, and here's an easy way to fake it should the document ever slip their memory.



7. Kaplan MBE Flashcards – Cost: Free!


Looking for more preparation for your Multistate Bar Exam? Turn to the ever trusty Kaplan, INC, to provide you with all your study needs. In addition to useful flashcards, the app also provides users with access to instructional videos. Use of this application is said to boost student's scores on the MBE, and since it's free, why not give it a try?