The scales are unbalanced when a passenger car collides with a commercial rig.  The size and weight of delivery and construction vehicles far outstrip those of a family sedan, posing a greater danger of serious injury or death to the driver and passengers in the smaller conveyance.  Because the stakes are high, potential damages are compounded.  In addition, determining liability in an accident with a commercially-owned rig may present difficulties.  If you have been injured or a loved one killed in such a situation, seeking the help of a qualified personal injury attorney with a proven record for success in damage recovery is critical.


In the Long Island, New York area, the Law Office of Cohen and Jaffe can provide the expertise you need to pinpoint liability and proceed to recover the damages you are due from an accident involving commercial equipment. 


Damage resolution in a trucking accident is complicated by determining who owns the vehicle involved.  The professional driver may have been piloting a semi owned by an employer, in which case the business or the business’s insurance carrier would be responsible for the damages.  In most circumstances, the driver would not be legally liable for injury compensation.


In a more complex scenario, the commercial rig involved in the accident could be owned by more than one entity.  The tractor and trailer might be the property of the transportation company, but the driver may lease the equipment from that company and do business as an independent contractor.  In such a situation, both entities might be liable, depending upon factors such as state statutes.


Other entities may also have liability for accidents involving commercial and passenger vehicles. For example, if the truck was carrying an unbalanced cargo that precipitated the collision, the supplier that owned and loaded the cargo could be liable for the accident.  If equipment failure contributed to the incident, the manufacturer or maintenance provider could share liability as well.


A locally-based, personal injury attorney who is experienced in dealing with commercial liability issues has the knowledge to deftly assess such situations and move forward in the right direction in seeking damages for you. In the Long Island area and New York State, the Law Office of Cohen and Jaffe is your best choice for recovering maximum damage compensation.


According to large trucking accident research commissioned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, immediate on-scene investigation of accidents involving commercial vehicles is essential in evaluating the causes and effects.  However, large trucking firms often remove their equipment almost immediately from the accident scene, ostensibly to begin repairs but possibly to limit or obscure their liability for damages as well.


If you are involved in a collision with a commercial rig, you can take action at the scene that will help your attorney to win a fair liability settlement for you in the future. You can photograph the area and the vehicles before their removal.  Also, you can talk to anyone who witnessed the incident and note names and addresses of witnesses for future reference.


Contacting a legal professional who knows the territory, including state laws and commercial liability issues, without delay is absolutely essential for individuals who have been injured or lost a loved one in such an accident.  The complexities of negotiations with businesses and their insurance companies are best left to professionals, such as Cohen and Jaffe in Long Island and the New York region.