Romantic comedies would have you believe that no problem or crisis is grave enough that it can’t be overcome by a passionate avowal of devotion—not even immigration issues like getting a Green Card. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t quite work out that way and the matter of applying for U.S. permanent residency is not to be taken lightly.

Marriage to a U.S. citizen is one of the fastest ways a foreigner can become a Green Card holder since spouses are classified as immediate relatives, along with parents and children under 21. This classification means applications are not affected by quota and priority date restrictions. However, just because it’s fast doesn’t mean that it is straightforward or foolproof.

There are certain safeguards in place to validate the legitimacy of unions and to keep anyone from exploiting this option. To be considered legitimate, the marriage should be legal and must not have been entered into expressly for a Green Card.

Work with an expert Green Card through marriage lawyer to ensure the success of your application. To try to brave the maze that is the bureaucratic immigration system without professional help is akin to suturing your own wound: nerve-racking and potentially disastrous!

By acquiring the services of a skilled Green Card through marriage attorney, you’ll increase your chances of avoiding the following:

Þ    stress and confusion

Þ    errors resulting from either ignorance or negligence

Þ    costly delays

Þ    denial or deportation

The Process

Applying for permanent residency is a multi-step process that involves filing various documents, submitting proof of the marriage’s authenticity, and being interviewed by a USCIS officer.

The documents that need to be filed are primarily dependent on the circumstances surrounding the marriage, such as where the wedding took place (in the U.S. or overseas) and where the foreign-born spouse is located at the time the petition for residency is processed. If the spouse seeking the permanent resident status is already in the U.S., the manner by which he or she entered the country must also be taken into account. Did he or she enter the country legally? Has he or she overstayed a visa? Dealing with these kinds of questions and concerns is something that you can do a lot easily if you have an experienced Green Card through marriage attorney working for you.

Your attorney, for instance, will be able to give you advice about filing Forms I-130 and I-485 for an Adjustment of Status. This is the option available for you if you and your spouse were married and are living in the U.S. With this option, you’ll also be required to file biographical and medical information as well as employment authorization and travel permit application forms. In addition to those that have been mentioned and several other USCIS forms, the U.S. citizen will also need to submit an affidavit of support.

It may already sound overwhelming, but that’s actually just the easy part. The process is even more complicated if you and your spouse are not in the U.S. when the petition is filed. If such is the case, you will have to go for an immigrant visa instead of an Adjustment of Status.

After all the forms have been completed, evidence showing the validity of the union must be compiled. Evidence can range from pictures of you and your spouse to proof of joint assets. The compiled evidence should be ready by the time of the interview with the USCIS officer, as it can greatly affect the outcome of your application. Insufficient evidence might make the interviewing officer suspicious of the legitimacy of your marriage. If this happens, you could end up being recommended for a meeting with a fraud unit.

Fraud Interview

The fraud interview, if done in the U.S., will involve you and your spouse being interviewed in separate rooms. The interview, because of its intensity, can be very intimidating and even threatening, depending on the strategy employed by the person in charge. You and your spouse will be asked similar questions so your answers can be compared and checked for inconsistencies.

A fraud interview is not something that you will need to worry about if you have the help of a Green Card through marriage lawyer. There is no denying the significance of this undertaking on your family, so do yourself a favor and get the help of a specialist. Make the process as smooth and painless for you and your spouse, and look forward to enjoying the following benefits:

Þ    anxiety-free Green Card application

Þ    valuable guidance from a professional

Þ    assurance that all legalities are covered

Þ    meticulous review of forms before submission

Þ    fast and successful processing of petition